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Civil War Maps of battlefields, troop movement and more.
The Great War
This Book was written in 1919 about World War 1 known as "The Great War". This was the only War Posion Gas was allowed. See 300+ photos of Battle, Ships, Planes, Officers, Maps and more on this CD..
A Youth's History of The Rebellion : Rare Civil War Book Publishied 1864. Read stories told by civilian witnesses and soldiers from the battles. The Illustrated War News : 2 issues of the Illustrated War News dated Nov 18, 1914 and Dec 30, 1914. Photos and news of the War (World War 1). These issues are early in the War, when it could go either way.
11 Civil War Books : Historic Papers on the Causes American Indian as Participant , Navy in The Civil War, Prison Escapes, With Lee In Virginia, Women's Work in The Civil War, Personal Memoirs of Grant Sherman and Sheridan and Military Reminiscences Vol 1 & 2 by Maj. Gen Cox. Confederate Prison At Andersonville: On this CD are 5 books. 4 of the books are written by survivors of the Prison and 1 is about the trial of the Warden of Andersonville.
World War 2 in Photos: This CD contains almost 500 photos taken during World War II. Ships, Planes, Battles and more. Elements of Military: Course of Instruction In Strategy, Fortification, Tactics of Battles 1862
4 Rare Books on World War 1 are on this CD:
The Great War As I Saw It 1922
Hilltop On The Marne 1916
I Was There With The Yanks In France 1919
Woodrow Wilson and The World War 1921
History Of World War I: you will read How the war begins, 1st Battle of the Marne, Japan in the war, Horrors of Warefare, Sinking of The Lusitania, Great Naval Battles, Zeppelin raids on France and much more. 1919
Deeds Of Valor
How America's Heroes Won The Medal Of Honor 1905
More To Come!

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