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How To Make Clipper Ship Models A practical manual dealing with every aspect of Clipper Ship Modelling from the simplest waterline types to fine scale models fit for exhibition purposes. 1927
Baseball How to Become a Player
: This book written in 1888 gives the origin and history of Baseball, Theory, Training for each position, Base running, How to throw a curve and more.
Homes and How To Make Them These letters between the architect and his friends are composed of hints and suggestions relating to the building of homes. Their aim is to give practical information to those about to build, and to strengthen the growing demand for better and truer work. 1875
How To Write Special Feature Articles
: A Handbook for reporters, correspondents and free-lance writers who desire to contibribute to popular magazines and magazine sections of newspapers. 1919
How To Camp Out: How to Camp out, Hike and other outside things. 1877 . Handbook of Soap Manufacture : Learn how to make soap, learn about the raw material, purification, bleaching and more in this book written in 1908.
How To Make Electric Toys: This Rare Book shows you how to make Toys using Electronics. 1937 Hand Book on Painting: This Book is published by "National Lead Company" in 1935 during the depression. May have been for umemployed to change professions?

Tells how to paint exterior, interior, stone, concrete, brick, metal, Decorative Wall Finishes, boats and more.


So As To Obtain A Better, Purer, Cheaper and Greater Quality of Spirit.

THE ART : is to diffuse new light on every thing that relates to the formation of spirituous liquors that may be obtained from grains. 1819

Or An Introduction To Makine Whiskey, Gin, Brandy Spirits.
The Practical Distiller: An Introduction To Making Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Spirits, etc., of Better Quality, and In Larger Quantities Than Produced By The Present Move of Distilling. (1809).
American Practical Brewer : Read how to Brew Beer without boiling, Brew strong Beer, aging in 3 weeks, constructing Vats above ground, construction and aspect of Breweries and Malt Houses, French mode of tanning of skins and more. All this done in 1815. Wood Carving Design and Workmanship : Read about Tools required by Carvers, Sharppening, types of wood, chip carving, Method of Carving Rounded Forms, Carving On Furniture, and more in this 300 + page book Printed in 1903
The Art of Making Perfume : 2 Books on How To Make Perfume. 1670 & 1857 Field and Garden Vegetables of America : Full Descriptions of nearly eleven hundred species and varieties with directions for propagation, culture, and use. 1863
Books For The House : 3 Books For The Housewife. 1832,1860,1915 Every Step In Canning : This 1920 Book Shows you how to can fruits, berries, vegetables and eggs. How to make Jellies and Jams. How to dry fruits, berries, vegetables and eggs. How to smoke, cure and preserve meats. 1920
How To Write Special Feature Articles : A Handbook for reporters, correspondents and free-lance writers who desire to contibribute to popular magazines and magazine sections of newspapers.1919 Art of Caricaturing by Mitchel Smith : A Series of Lesons Covering All Branches of The Art of Caricaturing.
Games of Solitaire : Illustrated Games of Solitaire or Patience NEW REVISED EDITION Including American Games (47 games) dated 1914. The Blue Book of Chess : Teaching the Rudiments of the Game, and giving an analysis of All The Recognized Openings. 1910.
Course in Wood Turning : The ultimate aim of this book is to give, through the exercises and problems, a thorough understanding of the principles of wood turning. 1919 . How to Make Wax Flowers : This book will show you new(in 1864) methods of Sheeting wax and modeling fruit and flowers. Learn to make molds, cast and finish fruit and flowers and more.. 1864
This CD contains 10 Cook Books from the late 1800s - Early 1900s. : See recipes for sandwiches, deserts, dinners and more. Manual of Home-Making : This book is a definitive guide to the home; from household measurements, textiles, family-home architecture, a guide to planning meals and budgeting. Interesting to see how many of the early traditions are still being followed today, and how many of the roles for women are carried forward in today's society.
Grappling With The Monster : The Curse and The Cure of Strong Drink. 1877 Home Taxidermy For Pleasure and Profit : This Rare 1944 Book is offered to the hunter, trapper, fisher, vacationist and out of doors people in general. In the study and practice of taxidermy.

This Book will give directions and suggestions for preserving various animal forms as objects of use and ornament. As a treatise for the scientist or museum preparator it is not intended, there are many books on the art expressly for them, but we hope it may fill a place of its own, acting as a not too dry and technical introduction to the art preservative for those who find life all too short for the many things which are to be done.
How to Make and Repair Jewelry Book on CD. This books shows you how to make and repair jewelry at home. 2nd Edition, Updated 2009 How To Write a Play : This Rare 1912 Book will show you how to write a play.
Making A Rock Garden : By H.S. Adams 1912 Text, pictures and diagrams will make perfectly clear the possibility of having, and the means of having, some of the more important features of a modern country or suburban home.

Learn Choice of Sites, Construction, Plants, Planting and more in this
How To Make A Wireless Radio Set By Arthur Moore 1911
Making Charcoal in 1875 How To Make Creamery Butter This book enables you to apply to home buttermaking the scientific principles and processes that are used in the most modern creameries 1915
3 Books on How To Make Baskets Learn How To Make Baskets from these 3 vintage books. 1903, 1915, 1916 Harper's Aircraft Book This Book tells you Why Aeroplanes fly, How to make models, and all about aircraft, little and big. 1913
If You Don't Write Fiction How to write and sell Fiction 1920 How To Grow Roses Dedicated To The Flower-Loving People of America 1916
How To Make The Garden Pay "I take Pleasure in presenting to the public as the very best and most proctical work ever written for the benefit of the American vegetable gardener." 1894 How To Build An Aeroplane By Robert Petit 1910
Camp Life In The Woods and The Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making 1881 Taxidermy Comprising The Skinning, Stuffing and Mounting of Birds, Mammals and Fish 1901
How to Make and Repair Jewelry Book on CD. This books shows you how to make and repair jewelry at home. 2nd Edition, Updated 2009 Motor Bicycle Building By Paul N. Hasluck 1906
How to Make and Sell Limited First Day Covers. This books shows you how to make and sell limited and numbered First Day Covers. How To Make Stop Motion Animation Movies and Cartoons Vol 1 By B. Wayne Caldwell 2009
How To Make Money With Your Own Texas Holdem Poker Tournament . This E-books shows you how to Make Money Running A Texas Holdem Poker Tournament. Make Money Selling Your Digital Photos! All You Need To Get Started Is A Digital Camera And Internet Access!
How To Make Stop Motion Animation Movies and Cartoons Vol 2 By B. Wayne Caldwell 2010 How To Trace Your Family Tree Vol 1 . Start your family genealogy with this E-book.
3 Old West Dime Novels By B. Wayne Caldwell 2010 Learn How To Play The Crap Table
Learn How To Play The Roulette Table

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