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Official Views of the World's Columbian Exposition : Issued by the Department of Photography in 1893. Marvel at the detail of these 1893 photographs. 2 Shepps Photo Books : Shepp's Photographs of the World 1891, Shepp's Worlds Fair Photographed 1893.
Airplane Photography 1920 Hand Book of The Daguerreotype Containing the Daguerreotype, electrotype, and various other processes employed in taking heliographic impressions. 1858
Art In Photography With Selected Examples of European and American Work By Charles Holme 1905 The History and Practice of the Art of Photography Containing all the instructions necessary for the complete practice of the daguerrean and photogenic art, both on metallic plates and on paper. 1849
Artistic Landscape Photography By A. H. Wall 1897. Chapters on the practical and theoretical principles of pictorial composition. Astronomical Photography For Amateurs By H. H. Waters 1921
First Steps In Photography By J. C. H. Wallsgrove 1913 Photography For The Sportsman Naturalist Read about How To Photograph the different types of nature. See Many Photos taken by the author of animals, plants birds and much more 1904
A Popular Treatise on Photography also A Description of, and Remarks on, The Stereoscope and Photographic Optics 1863 Instructions In Photography By William De W. Abney 1900
Dictionary of Photography For The Amateur and Professional Photographer By E. J. Walls 1902 Researches In Stellar Parallax by The Aid of Photography From Observations Made At Oxford University Observatory 1889
Animal Snapshots and How Made By Silas A. Lottridge 1905 Picture Making For Pleasure and Profit A complete illustrated hand-book on the modern practices of photography in all its various branches, for amateur and professional. 1902
Dry Plate Photography or The Tannin Process Made Simple and Practical For Operators and Amateurs 1865 Wild Life At Home How To Study and Photograph it By R. Kearton 1898
Marvels of Fish Life As Revealed By The Camera 1912 Nature and The Camera By A. Radclyffe Dugmore 1902
Wild Life and The Camera By A. Radclyffe Dugmore 1912 Wild Life In The Tree Tops By Capt. C. W. R. Knight 1921
3 Early Books on Photography Printing 1874, 1881, 1891

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