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History of The Devil as well ancient as modern: in two parts. Part I. Containing a state of the devil's circumstances, and the various turns of his affairs, from his expulsion out of Heaven, the creation of man; remarks on the mistakes concerning the reason and manner of his fall. Also his proceedings with mankind ever since Adam, to the first planting of the Christian religion in the world. Part II. Containing his more private conduct, down to the present times: his government, his appearances, his manner of working, and the tools he works. 1727
David Crockett Life and Adventures
: Read about Davy's Childhood, Youthful adventures, Marrage, Soldier Life, Indian Warfare, Congress, On the Paririe and The Alamo in Texas. 1874
Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave : This book was written By Frederick Douglass An American Slave in 1849 about his life as a slave and his escape. With a Preface written by Wm. Lloyd Garrison and a letter written by Wendell Phillips. 1849
Life and Adventures of Sam Bass
: The Notorious Union Pacific and Texas Train Robber A Graphic Account of His Capture and Death. 1878
Official Views Of The World's Columbian Exposition: Marvel at the detail of these 1893 photographs. 1893 Mark Twain Books : CD contains 14 Mark Twain books.
The Haunted House: Read this True Ghost Story about Esther Cox. Printed in 1879 Cocoa And Chocolate : Their History from Plantation to Consumer, including the history of cacao, its cultivation and manufacture, production, food value and more. 1920
The Escape And Suicide of John Wilkes Booth : Or The First True Account Of Lincoln's Assassination Containing A Complete Confession By Booth Many Years After The Crime. 1907 A Ball Player's Career : By Adrian "Cap" Anson. Baseballs first Superstar. Cap Anson. He was the first member of the 3,000 hit club, with 3,418 hits. With a .333 career batting average. Anson struck out only 302 times in 10,277 at bats. 1900
The Brownie Book : A children’s magazine published by the NAACP from 1920 to 1921. All 23 issues. The Anti-Slavery Examiner : Complete in 4 volumes this Paper is the ultimate for the cause of Anti-Slavery. And it is pre Civil War (1830s - 1850s).
Autobiography of Buffalo Bill: Rare 1920 Book was written by Buffalo Bill Cody himself. He tell stories most of us have heard of but are now told by him first hand. From child hood days to His Pony Express Days to his Wild West Shows. Botanical Magazine : Ornamental Foreign Plants, cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-House, and the Stove, are accurately represented in their natural Colours.

Their Names, Class, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, their Places of Growth, and Times of Flowering. 6 Volume set 1790s
Wild Bill's Last Trail : This is one of the "Dime Novels" writen in the 1800s about the Western Heros and Outlaws. This one is about Wild Bill". Writen by Ned Buntline in 1895. History of The United States : Read the History of the United States from Columbus discovery of the New World in 1492 to 1912 when this set of 6 Volumes were printed.
Frankenstien : by Merry Shelley: it is unclear if she had any influence on the creatures portrait for this edtion. It is certainly much different and more human, than the Karloff creature of the movies. Printed 1831 394 pages . 4 Books on Evils of Tobacco : 1.A Disquisition On The Evils Of Using Tobacco 1842
2.Influence of Tobacco Upon Life and Health 1836
3.Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture 1875
4.Vanity, All is Vanity, A Lecture on Tobacco and Its Effects 1900.
Jesse James My Father The First and Only True Story of His Adventures Ever Written By Jesse James, Jr. 1899 Life and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James 1880
Train and Bank Robbers of The WestFrank & Jesse James and the Youngers 1889. Cripple Creek Illustrated 1896 A Colorado Gold Mining Town
The Official Manual of The Cripple Creek District, Colorado 1900 Kino's Historical Memoir of Pimeria Alta 1919
Spanish Activities on The Lower Trinity River 1746-1771 By Herbert E. Bolton 1913 History of The North Mexican States and Texas 15th-17th Century By Hubert Howe Bancroft 1884
History of California From Its Discovery To The Present Time 1854 History of Arizona and New Mexico 1530-1888 By Hurbert Howe Bancroft 1889

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