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Beeton's Book Of Needlework 1870 Descriptions and Instructions
Illustrated by 600 Engravings
Of Tatting Patterns
Crochet Patterns
Knitting Patterns
Netting Patterns
Embroidery Patterns
Point Lace Patterns
Initials and Names
Pillow Lace and Lace Stitches
and more
Art In Needlework Read about Embroidery and Embroidery Stitches, Canvas Stitches, Crewell Stitches, Chain Stitches, Herring-Bone Stitches and much more (see the table of contents above)! All photo shown here are from the book. 1907
Embroidery or The Craft of the Needle by W. G. Paulson Townsend 1907 Needlework As Art By Lady M. Alford 1886

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