How To Make A Stop-Motion
Animation Movie and Cartoons

By B. Wayne Caldwell 2009

Have you seen the Movie King Kong from the 1930? Kong was made to move using Stop Motion Animation. Maybe you have seen the cartoon Gumby? The Green Clay figure was made to move using SMA. The early Star Wars movies used SMA to move some of the figures.

Maybe you have drawn a stick figure on the corner of the pages of a book or a note pad and then flipped through them to see it move. This is Stop Motion Animation.

In this Book you will be shown How To Make Stop Motion Animation Movies and Cartoons.

You will be shown
  • What tools you need like which camera
  • Software to use that is FREE
  • Lights
  • Backgrounds
  • Background Music to use
  • You will be shown how to make a Lego figure walk using Stop Motion Animation
  • And much more!

And all this can be done on a limited buget. You do not have to spend a large amount of money to make Stop Motion Movie. This E-Book will show you how!
This book is NEW. You will receive a CD with the copy of this E-Book on it. The HTML file is readable on computers using your web browser. This E-Book IS NOT in print form but on CD to read on your PC.

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