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Process of Putting A Book on CD

1.First you must find the book. Sometimes a friend will have a copy, sometimes you must buy the book. Remember you may destroy the book when you scan it.

2.Now you must scan every page in the book and save it to a file on you PC. Sometimes this takes weeks to scan a book as some are 500+ pages.

3.After scanning you will need software to let you edit each page for size and contrast to clean the pages to make them more readable.

4.Now you can insert each page into a word processor and save the file to your PC.

5.Now you must convert the WP file into an Adobe Reader file.

6.Now you can create the HTML file to allow the Adobe Reader file to be opened in you web browser. You can add photos from the book on this page to make it look nicer.

7.Now you can burn the files to a CD and you are almost finished. This complete process can take weeks sometimes longer if you only work part time on the project.

8.Make a CD label to apply to the CD so you will know which book in on the CD. Put the CD in an envelope and you are finished.

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