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Added in November 2008
  1. A Concise Practical Treatise on Artificial Fly Fishing For Trout By Grey Grey Drake 1860
  2. Routledge's Handbook of Fishing With Illustrations 1867
  3. The Modern Practical Angler A Complete Guide To Fly-Fishing, Bottom-Fishing & Trolling By H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1870
  4. Angling By Francis Francis 1877
  5. Deeds Of Valor How America's Heroes Won The Medal Of Honor 1905
  6. If You Don't Write Fiction How to write and sell Fiction 1920
  7. How To Grow Roses Dedicated To The Flower-Loving People of America 1916
  8. How To Make The Garden Pay "I take Pleasure in presenting to the public as the very best and most proctical work ever written for the benefit of the American vegetable gardener." 1894
  9. How To Build An Aeroplane By Robert Petit 1910
  10. 2 Bird Books Book 1.Birds' Nest and Eggs With Directions for Bird-Stuffing 1870s Book 2.Cries and Call Notes of Wild Birds 1899
  11. 3 Books On Beekeeping A Bee Keeper's Manual 1853Management Of Bees Throughout The Year 1844 Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained 1853
  12. Birds Illustrated by Color Photography 250 pages about birds, illustrated with Color Photographs from 1897
  13. New Observations on the Natural History of Bees By Francis Huber 1806
  14. Poison Of The Honey-Bee Considered as a Therapeutic Agent. BY C. W. Wolf, M.D 1858
  15. Practical Dog Training or Training vs Breaking By S. T. Hammond 1882
  16. A Guide To The Classification and Varieties of Cats and A Short Treatise Upon Their Care, Diseases, and Treatment By Rush Shippen Huidekoper, M.D. 1895
  17. The Horse By William Youatt 1880
  18. Training The Hunting Dog For The Field and Field Trials By B. Waters 1901
  19. How To Keep Bees A Handbook for The Use of Beginners By Anna Botsford Comstock 1905
  20. The Honey Bee Its Natural History, Physiology, and Management (1827)
  21. Seasoning of Wood By Joseph B. Wagner 1917
  22. A Laboratory Course In Wood Turning By Michael Joseph Golden 1897
  23. Artistic Landscape Photography By A. H. Wall 1897. Chapters on the practical and theoretical principles of pictorial composition.
  24. Astronomical Photography For Amateurs By H. H. Waters 1921
  25. First Steps In Photography By J. C. H. Wallsgrove 1913
  26. Photography For The Sportsman Naturalist Read about How To Photograph the different types of nature. See Many Photos taken by the author of animals, plants birds and much more 1904
  27. A Popular Treatise on Photography also A Description of, and Remarks on, The Stereoscope and Photographic Optics 1863
  28. Instructions In Photography By William De W. Abney 1900
  29. Dictionary of Photography For The Amateur and Professional Photographer By E. J. Walls 1902
  30. Researches In Stellar Parallax by The Aid of Photography From Observations Made At Oxford University Observatory 1889
  31. Animal Snapshots and How Made By Silas A. Lottridge 1905
  32. Picture Making For Pleasure and Profit A complete illustrated hand-book on the modern practices of photography in all its various branches, for amateur and professional. 1902
  33. Dry Plate Photography or The Tannin Process Made Simple and Practical For Operators and Amateurs 1865
  34. Beeton's Book Of Needlework 1870 Descriptions and Instructions
  35. Art In Needlework Read about Embroidery and Embroidery Stitches, Canvas Stitches, Crewell Stitches, Chain Stitches, Herring-Bone Stitches and much more (see the table of contents above)! All photo shown here are from the book. 1907
  36. Embroidery or The Craft of the Needle by W. G. Paulson Townsend 1907
  37. Needlework As Art By Lady M. Alford 1886
  38. Wood Truning Prepared For The Use of Students In Manual Training High Schools, Technical Schools, and Colleges By George A. Ross 1909
  39. Camp Life In The Woods and The Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making
  40. The Pacific Railroad How To Go: What To See Guide For Travel To and Through Western America 1869

Added in December 2008

  1. Cedar Chest How To Make Them By Ralph F. Windoes 1918
  2. Nature Drawing and Design By Frank Steeley 1904
  3. Pen Drawing An Illustrated Treatise By Charles D. Maginnis 1921
  4. General Catalogue Of Nebulae and Clusters Of Stars By Sir John Herschel 1864, 1878
  5. The Orgin of The Stars And The Causes Of Their Motions and Their Light By Jacob Ennis 1867
  6. You CAN make great money using eBay's Classified Ads!. See How!!
  7. Tearing Up Books Learn How to start an eBay business tearing up old books, magazines and more!
  8. Postcards You Could Be Paying Pennies Apiece for These Dirty Bits of Paper and Selling Them on eBay for Double or Triple Figures Sums.

Added in January 2009

  1. Elementary Sloyd and Whittling With Drawings and Working Directions 1906.
  2. Auction Traffic Formula Get Record Breaking Traffic to you eBay auctions!
  3. Get Paid For Your Opinion You can get paid to take online surveys. That SIMPLE!
  4. Get Paid to Shop and Eat. Real jobs that pay you to go shopping for cloths.. eat out at restaurants... go on a luxury cruises ... get a spa massage... go bowling... rent movies ...and so much more ....
  5. Wild Life At Home How To Study and Photograph It. 1898
  6. Train and Bank Robbers of The West Frank & Jesse James and the Youngers 1889
  7. Taxidermy Comprising The Skinning, Stuffing and Mounting of Birds, Mammals and Fish 1901
  8. Angling in The Lakes of Northern Illinois How and Where to Fish Them 1896
  9. Marvels of Fish Life As Revealed By The Camera 1912
  10. Getting Gold: A Practical Treatise For Prospectors, Miners, and Students 1897
  11. The Goldfish and Its Systematic Culture with A View to Profit 1883
  12. The Angler How, When and Where to Fish In River or In Sea 1871
  13. Nature and The Camera By A. Radclyffe Dugmore 1902
  14. Wild Life and The Camera By A. Radclyffe Dugmore 1912
  15. Dog Obedience Training Secrets to STOP Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!
  16. Is your dog the NEXT victim?
  17. Finally...All You need to know about Your Dog's Diet and Nutrition To Keep Your Dog Healthy
  18. Grief Stricken man searches for answers after unexplained death of his dog and Accidently uncovers multi-billion dollar cover up
  19. Wild Life In The Tree Tops By Capt. C. W. R. Knight 1921
  20. Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation 1913
  21. Book of Stars for Young People By G. E. Mitton 1917

Added in March 2009

  1. Gold Dredging In California 1905
  2. Hydraulic Gold Miner's Manual By T.S.G. Kirkpatric 1897
  3. Road Map of The Stars Albert Ross Parsons 1911
  4. How To Identify The Stars By Willis I. Milham Ph.D. 1921
  5. A Fortune Hunter or The Old Stone Corrale A Tale of The Santa Fe Trail By John Dunloe Carteret 1888

Added in April 2009

  1. 3 Early Books on Photography Printing
  2. Cripple Creek Illustrated Colorado Gold Mining 1896
  3. Wild Life On The Wing H.D. Haviland 1913
  4. Klondike The Chicago Record's Book For Gold Seekers (1897)
  5. The Official Manual of The Cripple Creek District, Colorado 1900
  6. Kino's Historical Memoir of Pimeria Alta 1919
  7. Upper Gold Belt of Alabama 1896
  8. Spanish Activities on The Lower Trinity River 1746-1771 By Herbert E. Bolton 1913
  9. The Klondike Stampede of 1897-1898 By Tappan Adney 1900

Added in May 2009

  1. Landscape Planning For Small Homes By E. Gorton Davis 1922
  2. The Art and Practice of Landscape Gardening By Henry Ernest Milner 1890
  3. History of The North Mexican States and Texas 15th-17th Century By Hubert Howe Bancroft 1884
  4. Jesse James My Father The First and Only True Story of His Adventures Ever Written By Jesse James, Jr. 1899
  5. Life and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James 1880
  6. History of Arizona and New Mexico 1530-1888 By Hurbert Howe Bancroft 1889

Added in June 2009

  1. Motor Bicycle Building By Paul N. Hasluck 1906

Added in July 2009

  1. New Mexico Mines and Minerals 1904

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