Learning To Make and Repair Jewelry

2nd Edition With Updates

By Wayne Caldwell

This book will show you how to make Jewelry at home. You will need only a few items you do not already have now. It is titled


This book will show you how to make or repair jewelry like the items in the photo. Oh yes, I made all of them using this book.

Have you ever broken a necklace and the jeweler told you it could not be repaired? You may as well throw it away. Right? Wrong, this book will show you how to repair it.

If you ever wondered how the pros cast a ring? This Book "HOW TO MAKE AND REPAIR JEWELRY" will show you how without the large layout of money.

shows you:

  1. How to make the ring of you dreams.
  2. How to repair your (or someone else) broken necklace.
  3. How to resize a ring to fit your finger.
  4. How to use common household items to make jewelry.
  5. Listing of websites to buy supplies for jewelry making.

And much more!

"HOW TO MAKE AND REPAIR JEWELRY" is the book for you.
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