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Master Hands


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Complete in 4 Parts for you IPOD

Today twenty five million people are driving motor cars on the streets and highways of America. To provide this transportation over 5,060,000 skilled workers are occupied. The twenty five million drivers and their families who depend on these workers for personal transportation have little opportunity to see at work the skilled craftsmen whose master hands command the great machinery of production.

But day after day this great drama goes on in the foundries and the factories and the assembly plants in which these cars are made. From the Master Hands of the toolmakers, to the hands that master the great machines. From the tools, and patterns, and dies. And then the factories start.

See the Following:

In the Power Plants [elements fire lighting flame ignition combustion furnaces gauges hands turning wheel dials]
Power to Drive the Great Machines [flywheels energy rotation turbines electricity switches belts meters buttons Go Stop chains motors controls danger 4800 volts warnings]
In the Foundries [elements fire flame lighting steelworkers foundry]
Fire to Melt the Iron and Steel [scrap iron inferno fire flame sparks slag molten metal melting]
Sand for the Engine Molds [sandcasting elements earth dirt molding casting molders]
Molds for Cylinder Heads [smoothing]
Molds for Valve Parts [pins hands inserting tamping]
Assembling the Engine Molds Ready for the Fiery Metal [asbestos work gloves putting on donning hand protection ladle molten metal elements fire pouring flames casting engine blocks]
The Engine Begins to Take Shape Cooling the Cylinder Blocks [assembly lines engine blocks engines multiples]
Grinding for Smoothness [friction sparks grinders grindstones grinding wheels]
Blowing out the Molding Sand [elements air blowers wind conveyor belts]
Giant Hammers Forge the Steel [dropforging forging forges]
Shaped Under 6 Ton Blows [faces workers safety glasses spectacles eye protection hammering violence pounding hitting]
The Crankshaft Accurately Balancing Crankshafts [multiples]
Machining and Polishing Cylinders Checking Cylinder Size [measurement gauges gauging precision measuring cylinder blocks engine blocks tolerances]
Inspecting Pistons [measurement gauges gauging precision inspection tolerances]
Final Piston Inspection
Checking Cylinder Heads
Assembling the Engine
On Goes the Cylinder Head
Adjusting the Valves [chewing gum]
Tuning the Engine [listening devices ear trumpets hearing aids stethoscope sounds valves painting]
Welding Knee Action Cases [welders helmets eye protection]
Assembling Knee Action Parts Grinding Steel for the Springs [grinders elements water cooling coolants]
Coiling White Hot Steel [springs helix helices bending coils grinding sparks]
Checking the Strength of the Spring [scales gauging gauges strength strain Toledo]
Assembling the Knee Action Unit [suspension rotating turning rotation wrenches tightening]
Testing Knee Action
Checking the Water-Tight Seal [testing elements water wetness submersion rocking]
Shaping Brake Drums [sheet metal stamping brakes assembly]
Riveting Brake Lining [asbestos rivets]
Assuring Brake Accuracy [asbestos brake linings]
Assembling the Brake Shoes [rivets riveting]
Adjusting the Hydraulic Control [brake shoes]
Forming Wheel Rims [sheet steel metal rolling shaping grinding sparks]
Welding the Rims
Shaping the Rims [pressure metal]
Stamping Out the Wheels [metal stamping steel sheets presses]
Shaping the Steel Spokes [metal stamping presses 600 Tons wheel assembly]
Building the Frame [hammering hammers]
Shaping the Side Members
Riveting Frame Braces
Dropping in the Cross Members [assembly lines drama]
A Foundation of Steel Girders [alienation assembly lines boredom riveting danger occupational health and safety]
And the Y-K Frame is Finished
And Onto the Assembly Line [sunlight windows cranking tightening rotation turning handkerchiefs hankies]
Where Engine and Chassis Meet [engines]
Pressing out the Fenders [sheet metal presses Lilliputians tiny people hands gloves rubbing feeling fetishism] Welding Sheet Metal Parts [danger occupational health and safety hands faces glasses]
Forming One-Piece Turret Tops [sheet steel metal presses Lilliputians tiny people]
Steel Takes Shape Under 750 Tons
Trimming the Turret Top [scrap metal pans]
Inspecting the Finished Top [hands gloves feeling fetishism blemishes inspection chalk circles]
The Final Assembly [radiators assembly lines fenders body drop cranes windshields coordination reflections tires wheels lug nuts tightening]
Finishing Touches [inspection inspector blemishes flaws]
[class new cars country suburbia borderlands transitions magic sleeves tweeds suburbanites consumers Arcadian Arcadia exteriors outside sunlight]

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