The Atomic Bomb

Movie and Newsreel Footage From Late 1940's - 1960's

CD #3

You will see:

News Magazine of the Screen: Atomic Energy

Compilation of 1950s newsreel stories on atomic weapons testing, civil defense and nuclear energy.

Operations Crossroads Underway

"Events leading Up To The Epochal Blast - Last-minute preparations for the atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll! See the planes, the ships and the men who took part in Operation Crossroads! The famed B-29, 'Dave's Dream,' takes off from Kwajalein as the entire world waits to hear that three ships were sunk and many others damaged as the fourth atom bomb in history was exploded. The results have as yet not been completely evaluated." scenes of ships positioned around lagoon, air crews briefed, Superfortresses on Kwajalein are specially marked, Dave's Dream plane ready to drop atomic bomb on Bikini atoll.

Radiological Defense

Nuclear fallout menaces Americans

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There are 3 more CDs in this series!!

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