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    "TEXAS GHOST, The Ghost Towns of Texas"

    A while back I decided to write a book about one of my treasure hunting interest. It took me a few years and a lot of work but it is finished. The Print Copy is SOLD OUT, but now you can get the book on CD.

    Do you like to Explore the old towns of the Past? Maybe you are researching a buried treasure.

    This Book "Texas Ghost, The Ghost Towns of Texas" is just for you.

    "TEXAS GHOST, The Ghost Towns of Texas":

    1.List over 350 Ghost Towns in the state of Texas.
    2.Each Ghost Town is listed in alphabetical order along with the county in which it lived.
    3.Most Ghost Town listings will tell you when it was established along with a history about the town.
    4.Each Ghost Town will give the location of the town.
    5.Some of the Ghost Towns will have photos.
    6.Also included is an alphabetical listing by counties making it easier to find a Ghost Town.
    7.A State map with each Ghost Town Marked on it.

    If you like to hunt for the older coins or the ultimate, gold coins, then you know you need to be in a place dating before 1930. Remember before the 1930's gold coins were used daily.

    "TEXAS GHOST, The Ghost Towns of Texas" will show you were to hunt.

    Printed copy is SOLD OUT
    This Book is now on CD!!

    Only $9.95
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