Auctioning 40,000 U.S. Government quality
cars, trucks, vans and SUVs this year.

"Buy direct and save!"

It's easy and economical to purchase a pre-owned vehicle from the U.S. government.
Join the thousands of people who buy at our public auctions.

U.S. Government Auto Auctions

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Easy to buy at auction

Experience the convenience and value of purchasing a quality American-made car, truck, van or SUV at one of our auctions. Purchase wholesale, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars!

A red pick-up truck, a blue sedan and a gold SUV

Buying a vehicle pre-owned by the U.S. government is simple. If you are new to the auction process, this Brochure will help.

There will be NO postage for this auction. You will download the brochure.
Order NOW, Do Not Wait. Send $3.95

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